Food Truck Chatbot Template

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Template Features

Template Features

• Admin Panel: driver can access a secure area within the bot, which allows them to update the food truck's current location for all users

• Proximity-Based Broadcasting: users who opt-in to receiving broadcasts will get notified when their zipcode matches the zipcode of the food truck's current location

• Admin Panel Broadcasting: driver can create, preview, and send broadcasts to users directly within the bot itself and utilize user attributes (e.g. user's name) in these messages

• Personalized Directions: users who receive a broadcast can tap a button that gives them step-by-step directions to the food truck's current location via Google Maps

• Built-In NLP: 5+ predefined FAQ intents, which are fully customizable in Chatfuel, such as "do you cater," "show me drinks," "vegetarian dishes," "cheapest dish on menu," etc. 

• Lead Abandonment Retageting: if a user shows interest in catering, but doesn't fully complete the form, the bot will automatically follow up with them to increase sales